Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 And Z Flip 3 Fully Disclosed In Brand-new, Leaked Provides.

S Pen compatibility seemingly verified for Z Fold 3

We’ve seen licenses. We have witnessed low-resolution screenshots. Ultimately, at lengthy last, we have high-resolution, clear-as-day images of the claimed Samsung Galaxy Z Layer 3 and a sneak-peek at the clamshell foldable Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3.

The presumed provides come courtesy of kept in mind leaker Evan Blass, as well as they look a lot like advertising and marketing products, complete with a font that looks like the kind utilized by Samsung on its internet site and store.

Naturally, there’s every possibility the photos could be pictures of live tools as opposed to provides. In any case, they do look official.

Per the leaked pictures, not much has altered from 2015’s designs, which is information per se. The Z Layer 3 looks highly similar to the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2, with a more matte surface on the back cover, smaller cam block– more of a bump around the vertically-aligned trio of lenses rather than the generally rectangular shape in the Z Fold 2– and the same vast power/lock button as well as quantity button rocker on the best side.

The significant point to discover is the S Pen stylus leaning on the phone in the second photo with ‘Layer Edition’ printed on it, apparently confirming reports that the foldable would obtain S Pen support. It’s tough to tell whether there’s an S Pen port, which rumors suggest the Z Fold 3 won’t have. However, display compatibility with a stylus is still a big deal considering the foldable’s flexible display screen (which we anticipate being like its precursor’s plastic OLED product).

What about the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3?

Likewise represented in that initial tweeted image Blass leaked is the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 (styled the Flip3 5G in the picture). While we would certainly see our very first sneak peek of the foldable in a claimed clip of an advertising and marketing video clip, this is a much cleaner consider the clamshell foldable– as well as considering that it supports that first appearance, we’re much more optimistic that this is closer to the final style.


Based upon this look, the Flip 3 improves the initial Samsung Galaxy Z Flip’s and also Flip 5G’s most significant obstacle: it is small, barely visible 1.1-inch outside the display. While the brand-new display isn’t substantial, it looks like it doesn’t extend throughout the phone’s size. It does look 3 to four times as massive as the original outdoors displays. It is possibly extra enjoyable: the two outdoor lenses also look more significant than on the last Flip phones, recommending that its image capabilities get even better.


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